TAFI Leinster Rivers 2018

T.A.F.I. Leinster River Championship Qualifier 2018

CaptureqedfefHosted by the Rathdrum Trout Anglers on the 6th of May 2018 on The Avonmore River.




Day programme.

  1. Register between 7am & 8am in The Rathdrum trout Anglers club house, Brewery Lane, Rathdrum town, Co Wicklow. (Using Google Maps – Enter – Rathdrum Trout Anglers, It will give you directions).
  2. Where some food, tea and coffee will be provided to the competitors and stewards arriving on the morning.
  3. Draw for beats at registration.
  4. Announcements to all anglers and stewards via rules and beats.
  5. Depart to first session at 8.30am with the beat marshals if competitors leave before this and get lost they will not be allowed extra time to complete their 3 hour session.
  6. Fishing from 10am to 1pm cards to be handed back by Stewarts to org committee at lunch and end of day.
  7. Lunch break and second score card handed out to controllers, please provide your own lunch, location will be announced on the morning of the comp.
  8. Depart for second session as soon as possible
  9. Fishing from 2.30 to 5.30(once there is no delay at lunch time).
  10. All score cards to be handed in by stewards to org committee
  11. Dinner at 6.30- 7
  12. Results and prizes at 7pm.


Point to note: in order to aid the club in running a good competition we will ask all anglers to be on time and when requested to assemble to do so, the day will be short and any time wasting will result in a later finish. We will ask you to be as prompt as possible finishing up on you beats after the morning session and to get to the lunchtime location as swiftly as possible.

All entries of 40 euros to be with Brendan Driver (Club Treasurer) 16 Bayveiw, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow by no later than 20th of April. This is to include Name of Angler, Stewart (18yrs+) and club you’re representing. For further information, please contact the Club secretary and Competition organiser, Mark Driver on 0860349273.

Day Tickets available in Tourist office (Square Rathdrum) and Avondale sports (Main Street), The Meetings of the Waters pub. Competition water will be closed one week prior to competition. However there will be some stretches of water available to practice on please contact Mark regarding this during the closed time frame for fishing before competition date.

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Leinster Youth Lake Competition

T.A.F.I Leinster Lake Youths Qualifier

2v4r4rtv4tLeinster youth Lake qualifier will be held on the 12th of May 2018 and the Venue will be on the Rathdrum Trout Angler’s Lake in Co. Wicklow, kindly hosted by the Rathdrum Trout Anglers Chairman.

Entry fee: €20. Meeting at 10am to set up and register. Lake is in Glasnarget area outside Rathdrum Town. These are the area co-ordinates for the lake (52.938965, -6.216154). If you copy and paste these into Google or Google Maps they will give you directions to lake.

Fishing is from 11am – 4pm

Food, Results and Prize given will be after end of competition at the venue.


  • All hooks must be Barbless.
  • Only Maximum of 3 rods to be set up.
  • Maximum 1 flie to be fished at any one time.

Entry fee to be given on the morning of the competition.

Name of Angler, their D.O.B. and their Club must be in by the 1st of May to Declan Conalain (0860483829). Any further information needed please contact Declan.

We look forward to seeing you there on the day

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Leinster winT.A.F.I National Bank Finals 2018

28053447_10215714147394983_569809942_nHuge congratulations to Team Leinster who wont the T.A.F.I National Bank Finals, which were held on Laois Angling Center last weekend. There was 6 team members from each province taking part and it was Munster’s  Albert Adcock who took the individuals with Leinster’s Donal Monahan grabbing second and Leinster’s Sean Dempsey finishing off the top three 28116777_10215714151035074_948493492_nplaces.  Congrats to the rest of the Leinster team of Alan Lawless, Hubert Smith, John Kellegher and Rodger Fowler on a great team effort.

28001479_10215714152395108_1752194941_nWell done all other teams with Ulster Fishing second and Connaught and Munster for joint third over all. Leinster TAFI would like to wish the team that qualified all the best in their future international Tournaments to come. We would like to congratulate Albert Adcock on his fine win. Thanks to all those who organised the competition and thanks to Laois Angling Center for allowing us once again to host our competitions on there great venue.




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Leinster TAFI Bank Qualifiers Results 2017

23023836_10214786340720396_195415281_nHere are the recent results from the Leinster Bank Qualifiers, which were held in Laois Angling Center. Leinster TAFI would like to Thank Laois Angling center for hosting the competition as and always providing great hospitality on the day.

Congratulations to all the anglers who qualified to compete in the TAFI Bank Nationals. The details of this competition will be posted here shortly. Congratulations to Donal Monahan on winning the competition on the day, and thanks to all the anglers who took part on the day.

  • 1st Donal Monahan
  • 2nd Rodger Fowler
  • 3rd Sean Dempsey
  • 4th Hubert Smith
  • 5th Alan Lawless
  • 6th John Kellegher
  • 1st Reserve Shane Callan
  • 2nd Reserve Frank Dempsey
  • 3rd Reserve Joe Winder

23021985_10214786340520391_421165348_nOnce again thanks to all those who took part on the day and to all who helped organise the event. Best of luck to the Leinster Team in the National Final.

22895022_10214786340200383_614182748_n 23022257_10214786340120381_1147277384_n

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2017 Leinster T.A.F.I Banks Qualifier

Laois-Angling-Centre-062Bank Senior Competition leinster qualifier Sunday 29 of Oct 2017

Venue Laois Angling Center Colrain Co Laois registration @ 9.15am Weather permitting Competition on catch & release basis-F.I.P.S Mouche Scoring Entry Fee: 40.00 Euro (All entries To be posted to Brian Lynch Hon. Secretary ) Closing date Monday 23rd of Oct 2017 no late entries. Please let Pat Noonan know who is attending for numbers etc. Anglers must be 18 years old or over on 1st of January 2017

Fishing times 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Top Six Rods: to qualify for Inter Pro – Venue to be decided.
Venue will be closed to anglers & their agents from Monday 23 of Oct 2017 to Saterday 28 Oct 2017 Inc

Note this is a new competition, your co-operation is important and is open to all seniors, Competitors must be T. A. F. I. affiliated, and must produce current club membership card of what club the competitor is fishing for (this is essential for insurance purposes and will be strictly adhered to).
Note: this competition is a qualifier for the year 2018

Any enquiries to Pat Noonan 086 1096129.

Brian Lynch Hon Sec 087 9818197 or 057 86 44076

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2017 T.A.F.I Masters Results

Here is the provisional results to the recent T.A.F.I Masters that were held on the River Nore and Lough Owel. T.A.F.I would like to thank the host clubs for there outstanding organisation on the day and to all those who helped make these events possible. Congratulations to all the winner and those who qualified to proceed to the International Masters event to come, tight lines.

TAFI Masters InterPro River Qualifier for 2018, Ballyragget, Kilkenny, 19-08-2017

Place Name Points (Morning) PP Points (Evening) PP TP TPP
1st Donal Monaghan 10220 1 10020 1 20240 2
2nd Hubert Smith 7300 1 7600 1 14900 2
3rd Peter Doherty 3560 2 2260 3 5820 5
4th Jim Russell 2200 4 6480 2 8680 6
5th Roger Fowler 2800 4 2760 2 5560 6
6th Michael Twohig 2420 3 2280 4 4700 7
7th Declan Conlon 4520 2 1260 6 5780 8
8th Bernard Mannion 2900 3 1120 5 4020 8
9th Stewart McGrane 1100 5 2900 3 4000 8
10th John Connolly 1180 6 1620 4 2800 10
11th Billy O’Reilly 1300 5 520 7 1820 12
12th Tommy Noonan 0 7 1600 5 1600 12
13th John Lalor 1160 7 520 7 1680 14
14th Charles Kennedy 0 7 540 7 540 14

TAFI Masters InterPro Lake Qualifier for 2018, Lough Owel, 20-08-2017

Place Name Province Number of Trout Total Weight
1st Eddie Blanche L 4 7.1.2
2nd Declan Conlon L 4 6.13.8
3rd Hubert Smith L 3 5.15.0
4th Donal Monaghan L 3 4.15.4
5th Noel Farrar L 3 4.9.8
6th Tommy Noonan M 2 3.15.0
7th Stewart McGrane L 2 3.7.2
8th Julie Gerry L 2 3.7.2
9th Ivor Cox L 2 3.5.6
10th Joe Quinn C 1 2.10.4
11th John Flanagan C 1 2.8.8
12th Michael Twohig M 1 2.2.0
13th Jackie Coyne C 1 1.15.6
14th John Connolly C 1 1.14.2
15th Oliver Hargandon C 1 1.13.2
16th Alan Delaney L 1 1.9.4
18th Roger Fowler L 1 1.8.0
18th Martin McQuaid L 1 1.8.0
20th Bernard Mannion C 0 0
20th Billy O’Reilly M 0 0
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T.A.F.I National Masters 2017 Results

21017697_10214189099389736_211284265_o.jpgFollowing last weekends National Masters held on the Nore River and Lough Owel here is the provisional results and they are to be ratified by central council at the next meeting.

21014971_10214189065828897_1199540902_o.jpgThe first three placings on the river Nore was, 1st Donal Monahan with two place points with 34 points, 2nd was Hubert Smith with 2 place points and 25 trout and third place went to Peter Doherty who had 5 place points and 10 trout.

For the lake venue first place went to Eddie Blanche with 4 trout, second place went to Declan Conlon who also had four trout and third went to Hubert smith with a total of three fish.



Congratulations to all those who fished and will make up the team for the masters International. The two competitions were ran exceptionally well by the host clubs. T.A.F.I Leinster and National T.A.F.I would like to

21014793_10214189066028902_1164549929_o.jpgthank Ballyragget Anglers, Co Kilkenny  and the lads on Lough Owel for hosting the competitions over the two days.


The full ratified results will be posted following the next central council meeting.

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